It’s More Like a Learning Maze!!

It’s More Like A Learning Maze!!
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It’s More Like a Learning Maze!!


I had no idea when I started out learning internet marketing a year ago, that this road would be so difficult.  I, like so many others were under the misconception that I would be able to put up web site, and voila, make money on line. With so many people on the internet these days, surely I could get  people to stop by my site, and I would be able to make some sales.

Understanding the Requirements of Internet Marketing

Boy, did I have the wrong understanding. While I did know about needing to have a domain name, and needing a place to host my domain, that was the extent of my understanding 9 or 10 months ago.

My understanding today is totally different. I also realize I have a lot more to learn.  There are various choices to consider before  choosing a hosting account, the meaning of and need for an autoresponder, capture pages, squeeze pages, WordPress, understanding of cpanel, etc. The list of fundamental knowledge as well as technical knowledge is massive. 

There are many tools and a maze of information you have to learn before being able to successfully market on line.   I was not aware of what I would have to put into place first, prior to getting traffic to my site.  But I have learned a lot in the last year, I have stopped and restarted, revised, and revamped sites and pages. It has definitely been challenging.

Great teachers can be found

I have learned from some great teachers and have been exposed to some great tools to use. I have used GoDaddy to purchase my domain name on several different occasions.  You can and will need to purchase a domain name for your site. With Godaddy you can choose a name for your site for a very reasonable price. You can also become an affiliate of GoDaddy, promote their site and earn commissions.

You can go to these sites as an affiliate and get links, banners, etc. to promote each individual site.

I must say that learning to use all the various tools that are necessary to succeed in internet marketing has been a challenge. But I have enjoyed learning and applying what I have learned. 

Having worked in the corporate world, as a blue collar worker, as a laborer, etc.  I prefer the flexibilty that owning my own business gives me.  I prefer to spend my time doing what I enjoy, working for myself or building businesses, learning new things, helping other people.  Although I am still  self employed as a Teleservices Agent, it has given me the freedom and time to study, research and network with others to learn network marketing. I have utilized various mentors, watched countless YouTube videos about various internet marketing tools and have learned a great deal. My goal is to be able to produce a substantial income as a network marketer.

Self-employed vs. Employed

One of the downfalls of being self employed is when you stop working the money stops as well.  Depending on the kind of self employment you are engaged in, when you don’t show up for work, then the money does not show up either.  It is my desire to transition from being an independent contractor or self-employed to generating passive income on line thru internet marketing.  It is also my desire to help others do the same. 

I will share with you my journey in learning internet marketing and hopefully shorten the learning curve for you and help quickly navigate around the maze of information that is required to be a successful internet marketer.

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