There are many companies that allow thousands of people to make money from home  with free platform provided from the company they are contracting with. Many companies hire at home workers to take customer service calls thereby saving the company, clients and employees or sub-contractors money.  In order to qualify for these positions there are certain requirements that need to be met. I will go over those requirements in this blog post.

Requirements To Make Money From Home With Free Platform

Some of the requirements to be able to work and make money from home with free platforms or software, are the same across the board. For instance some of the requirements are:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • A quiet place to work
  • High speed Internet (DSL or FIOS) can be acceptable (satellite is usually not an option for most companies that hire at home workers).
  • Quiet workspace free from distractions such as dogs barking, children in the background, etc.
  • A room with a closed-door
  • Pleasant telephone voice with good tone
  • Excellent reading ability
  • Very good diction
  • The ability to diffuse situations and not take an irate customer personal

There will be instances when you may actually apply, go through training for a particular company only to find out the requirements to make money from home free, do not work for you. You may find the schedule does not fit your needs, or the requirements are too strenuous. Don’t stress yourself about not qualifying for one assignment or company. Try different venues to learn how to make money at home on the internet, or learn how to make money off YouTube.

Find another legitimate work at home opportunity. There are plenty out there. For example Amazon also hires people to work from home in some states  In some instances, if you don’t qualify the first time you can wait two to three months and apply again. Your situation will have changed and you could qualify the second time.

As an independent contractor, working as a Customer Service agent, you have the ability to raise or lower your requirements based on what fits you because you have the ability to contract for several different companies (as long as there is not a non-compete clause).

You will be able to maintain at least one steady work from home opportunity or for several different companies. As an independent contractor you have the option to accept or decline assignments to contract based on their requirements.

Are There Work from Home Jobs that hire felons?

I’ve been asked this question often. The answer is, yes you can. Although you may not be able to qualify for some customer jobs that require taking credit card information there are other work from home positions you could qualify requirements of the company. Keep in mind that a person working from home may take orders with credit cards, collect private and confidential health information, addresses, etc. “Workers on Board” talks about companies that hire felons. Watch the video below. 

However a good work history and excellent background is important. (If you have ever been fired from a job or feel a past employer will give you a bad reference, decide if you want to list them as an employment reference.) Hopefully you have other good references.

Make money from home with free Blogger or YouTube Account

I would recommend any one with a criminal background to learn how to get into affiliate marketing and create their own website, Blogger or YouTube account and sell other vendors products. There are many who start their own work home internet business such as selling on Ebay or Amazon. The possibilities are endless, if you perceive the possibilities. It’s all in what you perceive.  Express your creativity and do what you love. Make money from home with freeplatforms the Internet or outside companies provide. If you enjoyed this article please share with others or comment below. 

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