I wish to share and warn others of my bad experience with peace maker society and their Program. I made a $125.00 deposit to receive their package. Please read some of the emails below I sent and received from them.  Then make your decision on whether or not you want to do business with them.

That’s not what the email I received said:  See below

Please forward this email to everyone on your email list and everyone you know. Then if you want to earn a few bucks, copy & Paste your forwarding email list to our email at For every email you send and email proof to us including time and date stamp, every delivery that results from you for us we will pay you $25.00 Per successful delivery. This is just a taste of how easy earning money through Freedom is! (We only Pay/Gift once per email address first time and date stamp email gets gift amount above)It says per successful delivery.  Now you’re changing the terms. That’s not being honest, wouldn’t you say?Now, that makes me question our relationship going forward. Would you please send me another email with the correct terms regarding the compensation?Click link below for Handbag Heaven Handbags Clearance Watch the video below to help you make your decision. And yes, it appears he is holding a joint. Not judging…. just saying. This video should have been a warning prior to my bad experience with Peace Maker Society.

Another email and example of My bad experience with Peace Maker Society

We are not changing any terms, it says in English for every delivery that results from you. What is your problem.We are starting to question you. Your frankly becoming a pain in the ass.Go away, if you ordered a package, we will ship it. Fuck you going forward. Thank you dumb ass.,Sincerely Marcel of the family Bessette Peace Maker SocietyFounding Member & Signatory

Your lucky I don’t bill you for my fucking time. Fuck you stupid dumb ass. my opinion as your creating problems when there are non because I told you your taking up to much of my time. You are not welcome to work with us. Aside from the gifts owed if you got a package, your fuck all to us. Thank you Bye

And Another bad experience with the Peace Maker Society

Our costs also went up. so the min gift is up to $250.00

We will ship yours if gift given before date it went up.You owe us $925.00 still on your honor credit, which when we ship your package, we will be in touch to arrange the monthly amount.You get our results, we don’t owe you anything  beyond that. Actually, you owe us now.Thank you for your support. We are not here to kiss ass, we did what you and no one else could. So learn, or fuck off.Sincerely Marcel of the family Bessette Peace Maker Society Founding Member & Signatory

And yet another response from Marcell Riley Bessette of the Peace Maker’s society.

Judge for yourself as I share an email from Marcell Riley Bessette after I inquired about my package. Rude and disrespectful in my opinion. Riley Bessette 11:22 AM (21 minutes ago) to me Hello It is Marcel messaging you, I am both riley and Marcel as Riley is my middle name. My time is worth $10,000 an hour and you want to believe you are special, your not to us. Our results are what you sent a gift for, to save your own ass. It cost me almost a half million. Your $125 gift still costs me money to send you your package. You gave a gift, you did not buy anything. As we are supposed to get what the package costs us, you can now give the min so we do not lose out on your package. Our results are what your gifting for, I don’t give a fuck how you feel about us. Your a dumb ass, and a senior, fuck you I had to fix, what your still to stupid to just follow. I don’t give a fuck about anyone but fixing what your generation ignored I have to fix now. On behalf of the future, fuck you past. Sincerely Marcel of the family Bessette Peace Maker Society Founding Member & Signatory Think twice before getting involved with this organization. 

And the Ignorance Continues from the Peace Maker Society and Marcell Bassette

IrisYou can go public all you like, I tell people like you to fuck off everyday. You act like I owe you something. You will get your package, when you send the full amount. As to me,your a pain in the ass, and nothing more.When we receive the rest of your $875.00 gift, we will send your package. We do not believe we will see one penny if we just send it. You want our results, that is all you get, you want kindness, don’t be an old whiney bitch.Sincerely Marcel of the family Bessette Peace Maker Society Founding Member & Signatory

The world owes you nothing, not my kindness, and respect is earned, you have no respect for my time, or efforts. Fuck off. Thank you. Until we receive the rest of your gift for the package, we are putting your emails into junk. Thank you. Bye You are in bad standing, and keep your bullshit to yourself, we will ban you from all pages you comment on in negative ways.

My intent of this post is to share my bad experience with Peace Maker Society and with Marcel Bessette. I’ve had conversations with Marcel Bessette over the phone and although he appeared to be genuinely sincere, intelligent, manner able, polite, his emails to me when I inquired about information I was awaiting to be sent to me were not.  I am exercising my freedom of speech and my desire to help and inform others what I experienced.My advice would be to use caution in dealing with this group or person. Their programs seem interesting, however their way of dealing with others in my opinion is questionable. As I gain more insight with dealing with this organization I will share with my subscribers and readers. Please share this post with others to avoid them getting duped by this organization. Thank you for taking the time to read about my bad experience with Peace Maker Society. Although Marcel has contacted me via email to apologize for his actions, and rudeness, I can forgive, but not forget.  He lost my respect and trust.All Rights Reserved

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